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Welcome to Stoiximan Nerds

16th November 2016

Hi all, welcome to the Stoiximan[1] tech blog. This blog will follow the adventures of the nerdier parts of the company and of those that feel more at ease in front of their keyboard.

We decided to create this blog as an outlet for our more creative side and because we felt that we had things to say that could perhaps benefit others outside of this company.

Doing business in the online gaming sector has some strict requirements regarding uptime, availability and security, and through this blog we hope to share some of those experiences and lessons we learned with you. We will also rant and rave about things that excite us, no holds barred.

So once again welcome all and we hope you find things of interest in here.

  1. "stoiximan" is pronounced "stee-chee-man" -roughly translated as "Bet-Man"- which is our round-bellied mascot google image search: stoiximan ↩︎

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